JM Bullion (, an online precious metal dealer, is a relative newcomer to the industry. Already, JM Bullion has far exceeded expectations, providing high-quality gold and silver products. Yet many precious metal investors and coin collectors are still concerned about the potential of a JM Bullion scam, as the precious metals industry is rife with fraud and complaints.

When you are purchasing precious metals online, the most important aspect is ensuring that you are working with a company you can count on. In an industry where trust is so important, it’s understandable to feel wary about sending a substantial amount of money to someone you met on the internet.

Is Safe?

What if it’s a scam, and you lose your money? What if the coins you receive are in poor condition? If the package is lost in the mail, will the company help you? Rest assured that JM Bullion is a real, legit company that strives to offer the best deals on popular gold and silver bullion coins.

Some new investors are concerned about the potential for ‘bait and switch’ through advertising intended to trick those who don’t know what they’re buying. But JM Bullion goes above and beyond to make the process simple, even for inexperienced buyers. Their user-friendly site makes it easy to know exactly what you’re buying.

By taking the confusion out of buying gold and silver, the JM Bullion catalog makes it easier for new buyers to choose the right product and feel confident in their purchase. The company carries only brand-new coins – purchased directly from mints and distributors – so there are very few JM Bullion complaints about scratches or damaged coins.

By working with a small company such as JM Bullion, you are guaranteed personal support – there’s no worry about being transferred from service rep to service rep to get a simple question answered. Don’t be surprised if one of the company’s owners responds personally to your inquiry.

JM Bullion Customer Complaints

It is important to keep in mind that with any company, if you look hard enough, you will find a few customers who weren’t fully satisfied with their purchase. This is especially the case with precious metals, as customers can become very paranoid if their purchase isn’t proceeding as expected. Yet a search for JM Bullion complaints reveals nothing substantial, and there is a complete lack of JM Bullion complaints on the BBB website.

Like any big company, there will be a few cases of lost shipments or other transaction issues. But JM Bullion has a reputation for going above and beyond in rectifying such problems. To avoid lost packages, all orders are shipped with signature confirmation and full insurance.

In the rare case that a package is lost, damaged, or stolen from the mail, JM Bullion works quickly to provide a full refund or replacement of your order. An in-depth search revealed no instances where a customer ended up worse off after working with JM Bullion. We did find one instance where a customer claimed lost shipment, but after the full UPS investigation was completed, it was revealed that the customer did indeed have the package the entire time.

Their growing list of happy customers attests to the legitimacy of JM Bullion. A quick online search reveals a number of positive JM Bullion reviews. If you are looking for a trustworthy place to buy bullion, consider taking your business to JM Bullion at